The Official Ghana Tourist Guide provides all the information you need to discover the beautiful country of Ghana. Whether you want to join a traditional African festival, find the most spectacular mountain and forest scenery or simply explore Ghana’s 540km coastline, this Guide captures everything there is to see and do.


Colour-coded sections allow you to locate the information you need quickly and the pull out, full-colour map provides instant orientation wherever you are, making this Guide ideal for on-the-spot-reference.


Attractions detailed in the Guide include fantastic bird watching sites and hiking trails, surfing, deep sea fishing and rock climbing hot spots, as well as a thorough look at Ghana’s historical forts and castles and traditional crafts and culture.


The Guide provides an in-depth breakdown of each of the 10 regions in Ghana. Each region is explored providing historical and cultural information as well as details on attractions, restaurants, hotels and nightlife.


An invaluable 'Visitors Tips' section provides a summary of practical information, including transport, climate, health, local etiquette and popular phrases.  The Guide is colourful and illustrated with photographs providing you with everything you will need to have the golden experience that Ghana has to offer.


In addition to the various regional maps inside the Guide, included is a detachable glossy A1 size Tourist Map of Accra and Ghana to help you locate the various service providers and places of interest.


Ghana: A profile


West coast of Africa with neighbours Bukina Faso, Togo and Ivory Coast



English, Twi, Ewe, Ga



Cedi (US $1 = 1.5 GHC) ATM’s and international banks available.



Tropical, hot and humid. Rainy season (late April- October) Dry season (November- March)



238,537sq km



24 million


Capital City:



Telephone country code: