Ghana has a wealth of things to see and do. For the seasoned traveller not content with just visiting the numerous tourist sites in the country, there are a number of memorable experiences to be undertaken that are guaranteed to leave an indelible mark and be the topic of conversation long after you have left.


The coastal communities of the Western, Central, Greater Accra and Volta Regions are well known for their fishing activities and provide an opportunity for visitors to join in on a day's fishing experience.  A day's fishing experience with local fishermen includes pushing out and rowing the long hand built canoes, casting out nets, rowing canoes back to shore and joining a large number of people to manually pull the nets back to shore with lots of singing and cheering. It is an exciting experience that occurs on a daily basis, except on Tuesdays, in some areas, when fishing is prohibited.


There are a number of operators offering fishing trips in both fresh and salt water. Fishing for tuna, barracudas, sail fin, love fish, mackerel, tilapia and red snapper amongst others, can be found along the coast from Ada in Greater Accra to Takoradi and Miemia Bay in the Western Region. Operators also run trips for watching migrating whales and dolphins, during the months of August through to January. December is normally the peak.

The Ghana Sailing Club located at Ada in the Eastern Region offers facilities for boat berthing, boat rentals and hire at reasonable rates, the Club also organizes regular activities and boat races along the Volta River for enjoyable days out. Vessels at the Club include Hobbie Cats 16, Prindles, Monohulls and Lasers.


The Volta Region is renowned for its abundance in natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. From mountain biking, waterfalls, cave explorations to long hikes, trained local guides will help you explore this region's unique landscape and help you spot the wildlife inhabitants of this region. Popular areas include; Gemi and Afadjato Mountains; which attract climbers of all levels, Willi Waterfall and Kalakpa Game Production Reserve.


The dry savannah of the Northern Regions with its sparse populace and predominately rural nature is perfect for the adventurer who really wants to get off the beaten track. Visitors can enjoy hiking or mountain biking from village to village and also experience village life by taking the opportunity to spend a few weeks with villagers learning how to cook, weave and hunt.


The Western Region is also known as the surfing capital of Ghana, during low tides the wave are gentle but steady and however long, during the high tide that promises numerous great rides for advanced riders. Busua Beach is the popular location for surfers of all levels from across the country. Ankrobra Beach Resort, which also gives first lessons has recently started a tutoring programme for local youngsters with the intention of raising the profile of the sport with relatively low participation costs.


The Kwahu Mountain Range in the Eastern Region is known for its annual Easter Paragliding event when a host of internationally renowned gliders show off their skills, compete and give locals and visitors an opportunity to try out the sport. Also in the Eastern Region is a unique opportunity to take to the skies in single engine ultralights provided by WAASPS. This flying centre operating from Kpong Airfield, offers the opportunity for those on shorter stays to top up their flying hours or take a trial flight and for the longer stay visitor to train for a Private Ultralight Pilots license


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