The pristine coconut lined beaches that line Ghana's 540km coastline are well noted for their cool serenity, beautiful sunsets and breath taking views over the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of Ghana’s beaches and resorts can be found in the coastal belts of Greater Accra, Central and Western Regions. The rest of the beaches along the coastline are interspaced by a number of small well preserved traditional fishing communities, who are now going into joint partnerships with some operators to establish a number resorts.


The flat sandy beaches are ideal for day picnics, barbeques, swimming, sun bathing, cocktail beach parties and many other activities.


Ghana also boasts of a number of private beaches and resorts where the general atmosphere is both serene and romantic. The majority of these upmarket resorts are excellent places to truly escape, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and the pressures of work hence, they are well patronised by both Ghanaians, expatriates and visitors.


Mention can be made of the plush White Sands Beach Resort located at Gomoa Fetteh and the Anomabo Beach Resort in the Central Region. In the Western Region, the expansive Busua Beach and the Ankobra Beach with their strong wind systems and high waves are the popular two surfing points in Ghana. These resorts are well equipped with a range of water sporting equipment for jets skiing, surfing, kayaking, wind surfing, etc. They are also ideal locations for beach volleyball, soccer, and other beach sports and activities. However, the newly established Kedas Lodge Watersport Centre located in the Miemia Bay is where one heads to for an all round water experience.


A number of eco-tourism beach front hotels have also recently sprung up in the Western Region, such as Fanta's Folly Beach Resort with its turtle conservation project and the Escape3Points Ecolodge at Cape 3 Points, that encourage visitors to enjoy secluded beaches with minimal impact on the local environment.


In a nut shell, Ghana's beaches offer all that you can ask for and an experience can range from a scenic retreat, beachside parties and picnics to resorts which have a wealth of water sports and activities.


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