Ghana has the single largest collection of forts and castles in Africa built by the Europeans who initially traded in gold and later in enslaved Africans, in what was then known as the Gold Coast.

The Official Ghana Tourist Guide provides all the information you need to discover the beautiful country of Ghana. Whether you want to join a traditional African festival, find the most spectacular mountain and forest scenery or simply explore Ghana’s 540km coastline, this Guide captures everything there is to see and do.


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The pristine coconut lined beaches that line Ghana's 540km coastline are well noted for their cool serenity, beautiful sunsets and breath taking views over the Atlantic Ocean. The

Ghana’s landscape is remarkably varied, from rolling green hills and mountains, lush forests and greenery to dry savannah areas, stunning waterfalls and lakes. Its tropical

Ghana has many exciting traditional festivals; these are occasions of great cultural pomp and pageantry on the indigenous calendars of the many ethnic groups. Festivals are very