Ghana’s landscape is remarkably varied, from rolling green hills and mountains, lush forests and greenery to dry savannah areas, stunning waterfalls and lakes. Its tropical climate and continental wind systems sustain a wide variety of endangered species, ranging from elephants, leopards, hippos crocodiles, spotted hyenas, civet cats, bongos, antelopes, monkeys, porcupines, marine turtles, birds, butterflies and many more.


Visit any one of Ghana’s 23 protected areas in the form of national parks, resource reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and ramsar sites and you will be amazed at the variety and opportunities for adventure.

Ghana is fast becoming an ideal visitor’s destination for eco-tourists and those wishing to witness first hand community-based eco-tourism projects. Attractions such as the Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary which is home to troops of the sacred Mona and the Black and White Colobus monkeys.

Another important eco-tourism site in Ghana is the marine turtle nesting beaches located on the shorelines of Accra, Ningo, the Gomoa-Effutu stretch and Ada Foah to the East and Axim and the people of Amansure in Beyin to the West of the country.

Ghana is rich in bird diversity and has over 700 identified bird species; attracting large numbers of ornithologists and hundreds of birdwatchers every year. The coastal and inland wetlands, the national parks particularly Kakum, Ankasa, and Mole amongst others are popular places to watch birds.

Other sections in the Wildlife & Nature chapter:

National Parks & Conservation Areas


Ashanti Region

Digya National Park

Brong Ahafo Region

Boabeng- Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Bui National Park


Central Region

Kakum Conservation Area

Monkey Forest Resort

Eastern Region

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Atewa Range

Esen -  Epam Forest Reserve


Greater Accra Region

Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Northern Region

Mole National Park

Upper East Region

Paga, Chief and Zenga Crocodile Ponds

Upper West Region

Wechiau Hippopotamus Sanctuary

Gbelle Game Reserve


Volta Region

Kalakpa Resource Reserve

Kyabobo National Park

Tafi Atome Monkey Village


Western Region

Ankasa Conservation Area,

Bia National Park, Egyambra Crocodile Sanctuary, Marine Turtle Conservation, Ghana Wildlife Society





Bird Watching in Ghana Pages

Map of Important Bird Areas (IBA)


Bird Species



Water Bodies


Ashanti Region

Lake Bosumtwi


Brong Ahafo Region

Fuller Falls

Kintampo Waterfalls


Eastern Region

Boti Falls


Eastern/Volta/Northern Regions

Volta Lake & Akosombo Dam

Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary & Wli Falls


Western Region


Wildlife & Nature